No; travel agents are not dying….they are only committing suicide! 

Looking into the travel industry now A days, and in particular, The Travel Agencies, I guess they should all agree on a unified national anthem using the words of the famous classic hit – with applicable lyrics -: 

Bang Bang…I shot me down

Bang Bang….I hit the ground

Bang Bang….that awful sound

Bang Bang….My “Ego” shot me down!!! 
No matter what kind of travel services you offer, or how big of an agency or small, travel agencies are just committing suicide, yet the worst thing about this, is that they know it. 
The nemesis of “Love Travel” is the main reason, hidden in one of the most stressful domains, let alone competition of agents vs agents, agents vs airlines, agents vs hotels, agents vs OTA’s and even agents vs travelers themselves. 
That said, travel agents are not re-inventing themselves with any other than what the neighbor travel agent thought of! Not finding solutions, other than what is sold to them by their “to-be” rivals in the hotel, airline and OTA industry, whom at the same time facing the same – what do we do now?? The 1 Million Dollar Question for all – 
I used to believe in Mr. Trump’s quote “Go big or Go home”, however Mr. Trump is a property mogul and I don’t think he has been in the travel business, otherwise this quote would never have came out of him. 
Shrink smaller or you will shrink for ever, is a more likely statement for the travel agencies and remember: you are big enough no matter how small you are, only if you do it right 🙂

The Travel Comptroller 


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